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Beach Baby

Saturday 22 June 2019, 7pm - 11pm

Bermuda Bob's Hi-Fi

Presented by Anti Despair Machine and Dork Magazine

Beach Baby are back with ‘Lovin’ Feeling’ – their first new music since 2016’s critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘No Mind No Money’, and a tantalising glimpse of their second album, which will be released later this summer.

If their debut wistfully documented mid-20s malaise over the dreamy, post-punk stylings of 80s/early 90s indie, ‘Lovin’ Feeling’ feels suitably more self-assured: looser, groovier, and playfully incorporating everything from that deliriously catchy sax, to a smattering of congas. But despite its sleazy, distinctly 70’s sheen, ‘Lovin’ Feeling’ is at its heart still Beach Baby in characteristically arch, melancholic form: here in fact is a sad-eyed ode to romantic disaffection, exploring crippling indecision, the fear that your intense feelings might not be reciprocated, and the almost otherworldly mental spaces you enter in-between. 

‘Lovin’ Feeling’ is a fitting introduction to the second Beach Baby album – which has - there’s no hiding from it – been a while coming. After touring ‘No Mind, No Money’ extensively, Beach Baby found themselves – well, with no money. Shep Hodgson was working as a teacher’s assistant, Ollie had a million different shit jobs, bassist Kit Jennings was commuting from his parents’ house in Tunbridge, and co-vocalist Lawrence Pumfrey had shaved his head in a moment of existential crisis. 

The first song to emerge was ‘Lovin’ Feeling’. It was still sad, but it made you want to party. Possibly in a dagger-collared shirt and a pair of sunglasses. It was a breakthrough, the song that paved the way for Beach Baby’s ‘second coming’. And, in a way, it’s the song that paved the way for the creation of a whole new weirdly wonderful, surreally subterranean…world. But more on that later.
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