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The Longest Johns

Wednesday 27 March 2024, 7:30pm - 11pm

The Waterfront

please note: the accessibility area for this show is now FULL.

+ nati.

14+ (under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult over 18)

Internationally renowned Bristol-based sea shanty sensations The Longest Johns will releasetheir brand new album Voyage on February 9th 2024. The album is available to pre-order now here.
Their fifth studio album is a unique take on traditional folk and shanties which is their “most fantastic splendiferous journey yet”, according to the band members Jonathan ‘JD’ Darley, Andy Yates and Robbie Sattin.
The record is informed by seafaring history, inspired by key moments and landmarks which have sparked stories, tales, and legends throughout the centuries. The first taste of the album comes with new single ‘Shawneetown’, an infectious foot-stomping acapella track out now and available to listen to here.
Regarding the single Andy says, “Shawneetown, in Southern Illinois, was a major trading centre back in the day. Located close to where the Ohio River meets the Wabash. Keelboats were an extremely efficient transport for trade then but had to be pulled upriver against the current on the return trip. I can only guess how gruelling the work would have been for the crew.”
Voyage comes 10 years after the band first met in Bristol and embarked on their thrilling journey which has seen them ride huge waves of success and carve pivotal chapters in their distinct career.
Funded entirely by their loyal fanbase and to be self-released across all formats, Voyage has been recorded across three studios in sessions planned between tours and festival dates over the last 18 months. The fully DIY release will be available on coloured vinyl, compact disc and cassette with a plethora of added extras, including merch, artwork, and the beautifully crafted companion book that features all the lyrics and seven short stories written for world of Voyage alongside a wealth of insights and anecdotes.
“The music and artwork have sparked the creation of an entirely new universe for us,” explain the band. “We hope the album and its artwork will ignite everyone’s artistic endeavours too, whether in music, painting, storytelling, or any other form of creative expression.”
Although The Longest Johns have travelled many seas delivering their contagious sound to many lands, on Voyage home makes a regular appearance. Before Bristol, Andy and Robbie originally called Liverpool home, and the important shipping city is regularly referenced in the likes of the honky tonk anthem ‘Leaving Of Liverpool’, or the musings of “He gave me a dish of American hash and he called it Liverpool scouse” on ‘Paddy West’ which closes the
"Liverpool was a very famous port town in the great days of sail and so many of the songs reference Liverpool as it's the port they would have sailed into as the sailors returned home,” says Andy.

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