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Short Course: Fast Fashion and Worker's rights

Friday 19 November 2021, 7pm - 9pm

Online - Zoom

Who makes your clothes? In what conditions and at what cost? Global fashion brands have refused to pay $16 billion worth of goods since 2019. Garment worker exploitation is a race, climate, feminist and human rights issue. Join us to learn more.


For decades, companies have relied on poverty pay and exploitation, justifying this with the need to provide a constant stream of new styles and the cheapest prices to consumers. Currently, no major fashion brand can prove that all workers in their supply chain receives a minimum living wage. 


Garment workers are vulnerable, from unsafe working conditions, job insecurity, the polluting effect of the industry on their local environment to chronically low wages that push millions below the poverty line.  


At our short course, you’ll learn from expert Ruth Ogier, Head of International Programmes at War on Want, about how the fast fashion supply chain works to exploit garment labourers.

We will also hear from Emily Stochl, Advocacy Manager at Remake, about what we can do to combat the process of fast fashion and live more sustainably. Join us this November to learn more!




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