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An Economy for the Many

Thursday 12 December 2019, 6pm - 7:30pm


A radical panel of political figures and commentators on what a futuristic economy- one that delivers on issues of social and climate justice- will look like and how we will build it.

In an age of automation and precarious work, with booming profits for those at the top and poverty-ridden despair for the rest, UEA Labour Party Society is proud to host our second panel of the year- exploring bold solutions to the problems we face, and turning them into opportunities to build a more just society.


Pannellists will be:

Dr Aaron Bastani- co-founder of Novara Media and author of the best-selling book Fully Automated Luxury Communism, 

Grace Blakeley- economist and IPPR Research Fellow 

Clive Lewis- MP for Norwich South and Shadow Treasurer (tbc)

Alex Champion- Labour for a Green New Deal


The panel will be Chaired by Kate Hicks, Chair of UEA Labour Party Society. The first half will be the pannellists responding to and unpacking a handful of questions from the Chair, covering a breadth of topics. The second half will be a Q&A format, with questions being taken from the audience to broaden out discussion.


We're conscious to create an accessible event, so that following provisions have been made to cultivate a comfortable environment:

you're absolutely welcome to bring a friend(s), the more the merrier- just make sure that everybody 'buys' a free ticket so we know how many people to expect;

although the panel will have a Q&A component, there is absolutely no pressure to ask questions if you feel too anxious to do so;

paper and pens will be handed out to all of those attending, so that you can note down a question before you forget it, or CRUCIALLY if you feel uncomfortable actively asking your question(s), you can discretely pass it to a steward, who will be involved in the discussion anyway and can ask it for you;

the room in which the event is taking place is a decent-sized seminar room, specifically chosen so that it feels like a conversation rather than a formal, hierachical lecture;

all of the panellists were specifically chosen due to them being particularly approachable and friendly; 

and if you have any queries at all, or any requests (e.g. a seat next to the door), contact UEA Labour Party Society's Health and Safety Officer at


We look forward to seeing you there??

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