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Will How & The Heartbreak Club

Saturday 22 February 2020, 6:30pm - 10pm

The Waterfront Studio


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£8.00 (General)
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“Rock’n’roll seems faded away sometimes but it will never die”

The words that run true right to Mr. Hows core. Huge Riffs, captivating lyrics and feelings that go straight for the heart. Aspects he’s gathered over the years from influences such as Shakey Graves, Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys. But with Mr. Hows ever evolving style, taste and life events…his music will never turn into yesterdays bread.

Will How released his first solo album ‘The Heartbreak Club’ back into 2016, finally showing the world his writing potential after spending the years prior drumming for local Norwich bands. 

After a successful launch show he formed The Heartbreak Club band. Quickly releasing the ‘Think about it’ EP. Gaining fast local interest The Heartbreak Club managed to bag support slots for successful bands such as Flyte and Natives.

Sadly due to the adult life taking hold of the members The Heartbreak Club slowly faded away and seemingly dispersed with no hint of return…

But what seems faded may never die. Will simply needed to find the right time to get pen to paper and write the tasty filling album we didn’t know we needed.

Grabbing hold of his own heartstrings, he picks up every instrument he can, locks himself away until October 4th 2019. Will How & The Heartbreak Club

‘Art of Distraction’. Focusing on love, depression, adulthood, pleasure and pain.

3 years on from his outbreak into the solo project world who knows what sonic influences will come from this latest offering…but soon we shall see.

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