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Monday 15 July 2019, 7:30pm - 11pm

The Waterfront Studio

The first ranked metal and hardcore rock band in 'Superstar K' history!

Bursters, expressing outstanding metal and hardcore sound focusing on alternative guitar riffs, pursue 'Emotional Rock', in which their heavy tunes and hardcore and genuine vibes coexist. The versatile and explosive screaming vocal technique fascinates the audience. 

With their latest full-length album 'Live In Hope' being applauded by the renowned Japanese rock magazine BURRN, Bursters have been gaining recognition across borders. The band's latest activities both online and offline have drawn attention from many. Bursters' latest single 'Eternal' delivers a message about one's will to not lose hope and love despite the hardships faced in his or her life. The band's dynamic energy, combined with powerful synth sounds, provides a unique symphonic tune that has never been heard before. Investing a significant amount of time and energy in the process of production, Bursters have proved themselves as an evolving band, constantly seeking innovation.

Their first full-length album 'Live In Hope' (released 2017) covers various themes - war, love, utopia etc. - and expresses harmony between intensity and sensibility as befits an emotional rock band. They show a far more extensive musical spectrum than they did in their earlier days as Burstered, covering rock ballad and pop melodies as well as their original core metal tunes. Moreover, the band's capacity was highly praised by legendary mastering engineer Dave Donnelly. The album is a masterpiece, embacing various genres, themes and sounds.

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