Kate Nash

Friday 07 June 2019, 6:30pm - 10pm

The Waterfront


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It takes Kate Nash three seconds to say that the inspiration behind her new album is… Meredith Brooks. The '90s one-hit-wonder behind 'Bitch' is the first person that springs to mind. It's proof that Kate Nash, now 30, is never going to let self-consciousness get the better of her. She's the most honest, self-effacing and unpretentious popstar Britain has produced in a generation, and the great news is that she's one million per cent, unabashedly back, and with music released via her Kickstarter at that.

Speaking from a house in Clapton, she's recently put the finishing touches on 'Yesterday Was Forever' – her fourth album and the first since her self-released 2013 LP 'Girl Talk', which she put out in a blaze of glory after being dumped by her record label via text. It's also the follow-up to last year's 'Agenda' EP, but it has a manifesto all of its own. She said the title out loud and thought it sounded like the name of an album. It wasn't until she'd lived with it that it became prophetic. “I started to feel trapped for a while?” she says. “Like, Fucking hell! Am I going to be able to do this? Or do I not do music anymore? It took forever to figure out how to continue as an independent artist. Maybe with the title I accidentally cast a spell and made that happen.”

'Yesterday Was Forever' contains smatterings of '90s pop-rock (hence Meredith Brooks, but also The Cranberries, Alanis Morissette and similarly forthright yet positive femme rock), alternative dance numbers, and spoken-word confessionals. Lead single 'Drink About You' is a rumination on a break-up, but it doesn't feel finite. “It's that thing of breaking up with someone and still pursuing it in a subconscious way. I struggle with letting go.” The chorus is a punch in the face, albeit fun and able to find the light even in the stress of the situation. Elsewhere 'Musical Theater' is a particularly prideful moment for Nash. It's a breakthrough in her writing and a summary of what she's been battling with the past few years. She describes it as a presentation of her own brain. “It's what's going on in my head. That is my anxiety, my mental health issue, my OCD. It's the fear I get in the middle of the night when I'm fighting my brain to not go completely fucking mental. You have to not give up on yourself.”

It's been a journey for Kate Nash to feel this at peace with her body, her mind, and her music. With 'Yesterday Was Forever' she closes a chapter on the past and leaps ahead into the future. “I want people to have fun listening to this album, and to become comfortable with who they are. I know that so many people aren't. It's really painful to look at yourself in the mirror, square yourself in the eye and go, 'I like you and I'm OK with being me.' But it's so important and it's fucking liberating when you do.”





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