Saturday 04 May 2019, 10:30pm - 3am


SOLD OUT    £6 Early Bird Anytime Ticket (entry at any time - limited availibility) 

SOLD OUT    £5 Inside By Midnight (entry before midnight, bear in mind queuing time!)

SOLD OUT      £5 Alumni Weekend (entry before midnight, bear in mind queuing time! Please make sure you are either with a current UEA student upon entry, or have your UEA Alumni card on you. Alumni cards are available for free from UEA. Get yours here https://bit.ly/2VOBgwe)



Check out Meltdown instead @ the SU's City Venue, the Waterfront    advance tickets £4

The tickets for A-list have changed. 75% of the total attendees for a night show up at the same time (11:50-12:20), that can be up to 2000 students arriving in a really small window. We don’t think that we can manage the queue and entry properly when so few people turn up in such a short space of time. Having this many people in the queue at the same time is dangerous. It stops security being able to make the checks that they need to, to keep you all safe, and it creates risk of incidents like crushes happening. We kept the £6 ticket which allows you to arrive at any time, but we limited the number available. We then created a £5 ticket and guarantees you entry, but you have to be in the venue by 12 midnight. This is not to ruin your fun, this is to make sure that some of the queue starts early and we can get you in safely. The £10 is NOT a money making exercise. We made it £10 as a deterrent to buying the £5 ticket but arriving late. We wanted to deter you all enough to buy the £5 ticket and arrive a little earlier. We learnt our lesson and the £10 ticket will not be available until on the door and after midnight. If you buy a ticket that says you must be in by midnight and you miss the cut off, we will charge you an additional £5 on the door, not an additional £10. So if everyone buys the £6 and £5 tickets and arrives at the right time definitely won’t make anymore money.

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