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Exist Immortal

Saturday 16 October 2021, 7pm - 11pm

B2, The Brickmakers

The Brickmakers | 496 Sprowston Road, Norwich, NR3 4DY

14s+ | unreserved seating


UK progressive metal quintet Exist Immortal have continued to push their boundaries of their sound with each passing release, never becoming complacent with their accomplishments and constantly innovating to create something new, refreshing and exciting. The second instalment of their scheduled trilogy entitled Act II: Gold is due for release on March 19th via Seek And Strike. How will this release build upon the foundations that Act One: Rebirth established?

The buoyant tempo of Come Alive instantly sets the tone for the release as it ebbs and flows between melodic swathes and punchy instrumentation. Soaring vocal work and impactful riffing perfectly compliments the vibrant soundscape. Technical flourishes also make their presence felt towards the latter stages. Atmosphere follows suit with enticing grooves and an uplifting vibe that flows seamlessly throughout. Pulsing drum beats add another dramatic layer to proceedings, giving the energy levels an extra upwards nudge.
Gold maintains the momentum, continuing the impressive array of textures and unravelling dimensions to their sound. Crunchy riffing and the commanding vocal presence of Meyrick de la Fuente prove to be an ideal match. The Cure introduces a darker, ominous edge to proceedings that adds an element of tension to the mix, wondering where it is going to meander to next. The melodies still stand tall and harmonise effectively with the transitioning moods.

With each passing release Exist Immortal continue to expand their horizons and execute it to perfection. Whilst an EP can almost feel like it isn’t enough at times Act II: Gold provides a nice, euphoric rush that is perfect for lifting your spirits and after the last 12 months the opportunity for a brief moment of escapism is exactly what we need. The prospect of touring may still feel like it’s still out of touching distance but when it returns these tracks will be an excellent addition to their already impeccable arsenal.

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