Henrik Freischlader

Henrik Freischlader is a self-taught musician, a multi-instrumentalist and a composer. He loves the Blues. Motivated by Gary Moore, he made the guitar his main instrument. He started his career as a musician in small venues without any payment, but with faithful fans.

Through his engagement as opening act for Joe Bonamassa in 2007, Henrik gained access to a bigger audience. Over the course of the past few years, he has opened up for B.B. King, Gary Moore, Peter Green, and Johnny Winter.

His own tours in Germany are mostly sold out. In Europe, the interest in his music has been growing. The nomination for the British Blues Awards is a rare honor for a German Blues musician.

You originally started as a drummer, what made you pick up the guitar?
Gary Moore made me pick up the guitar. He acted as a mediator and showed me the talent that I had and that wanted to be born. This special moment occurred when I heard his song
“Cold Day in Hell” on the radio. That was when I was a little over fourteen. It was a primeval
revelation. From that moment on, I didn‘t have a choice but to deal with my talent.

Did you listen to a lot of Blues music growing up, and if so what artists?
I was an only child but I had hundreds of brothers and sisters in all of the musicians whose music my parents played at home when I was little. I was curious about all kinds of music and was originally fascinated by Michael Jackson, The Jackson Five, Kool & The Gang, Earth,
Wind & Fire, and others. Then, when I was a teenager, Gary Moore gave me access through his music to the many musicians who had influenced him.

Where did you grow up in Germany and what was the area like?
I was born in Cologne and lived in that area until I was 25 years old. Nothing spectacular, but I love the Rhine, I love flowing water, flowing music, flowing people.

You’ve supported artists like BB King and Joe Bonamassa. Who was your favourite?
It was amazing to meet BB King and listen to his words and his advice. I will never forget that night. Touring with Joe Bonamassa was also fantastic. You can‘t really compare these experiences. Joe gave us the opportunity to become friends.

Your new album features Joe Bonamassa. How did you get him on your record?
I met up with him at one of his shows in Groningen, NL. I spontaneously asked him if he wanted to play on my new record and I was very lucky he instantly agreed.

How important was Gary Moore to your career?
He was - and still is - extremely important to me. Since that very moment fifteen years ago, I wanted to tell him all about his vital importance for my life. Talent means obligation and revelation means love. I chose both the obligation towards my talent and the love for Gary

“Talent means obligation Henrik didn’t look for his musicians – and yet, he found them! By now, the band has become something like a family. Four musicians who all taught themselves how to play their instruments! – This sounds very promising and proves to be an ideal prerequisite for the Blues genre. Four self-taught musicians with a passion for groovy Blues Rock.
Four friends with the common goal to turn each show into a real musical highlight for themselves and for their fans. – This is live music!

Björn Krüger » DRUMS

Björn is a “full-blooded”, self-taught musician. At the age of 16, he started to play the drums and used every opportunity to play live. His expressive playing is powerful, precise, and absolutely reliable. He has composed songs for other artists, released children’s songs, and set poems to music. His list of references is long and colorful; he feels at home playing all kinds of music – from death metal to classical music. Since 2010, Björn has been the
official drummer of Henrik Freischlader’s band.

Theofilos Fotiadis » Bass
Theofilos started out late as a self-taught musician. At the age of 17, he picked up the instrument that was missing in his friends’ bands. Within the short period of three years and inspired by Kool & The Gang, Prince, Chick, and others, he became a bass player through and through. When he was 20 years old, he already signed his first record deal. His perfect timing, powerful sound, and the optimal, modest use of his instrument make him indispensable. Since early 2009, Theo has been an official member of Henrik Freischlader’s

Moritz “Mo” Fuhrhop » ORGAN
Moritz is a musical aficionado and a self-taught musician. After a few failed piano lessons, he was intuitively attracted by the authentic sound of an old Hammond organ. Inspired by Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, and the cult band The Meters, he was captivated by its groove.

Warm and nonchalant, he charms the sound of the old days out of his Hammond. Since 2008, Mo has been an official member of Henrik Freischlader’s band.

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Wed 27 Jun 2012
Henrik Freischlader @ The Waterfront Studio (27.06.2012) (7:30pm)
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Henrik Freischlader - Cry Again

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